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FoodCorp is a company with a long tradition in the fishing industry. All its resources are captured from the rich and pure waters of the South Pacific Ocean. A select team guarantees the highest quality of our seafood, both for direct and indirect human consumption: fishmeal and fish oil, canned and frozen fish and giant squid.

In its role as a leading company, and one of the most important players in the fishing industry in the center-south of Chile, it has been particularly concerned with the sustainability of the resources, actively supporting research activities and environmental improvements, working in close relationship with all its stakeholders.

This way of doing things, allows us to ensure the delivery of quality marine products for the world.


Our facilities are located in the geographical center of continental Chile, in the Gulf of Arauco, Biobío Region. This is a privileged area, due to the richness and variety of its marine resources and its strategic geographical position, in a region that offers highly developed ports, a good network of roads and industrial and commercial infrastructure.


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